Thursday, January 13, 2011

Michael Ogio voted in as Governor General of Papua New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea government's candidate, Michael Ogio has been voted in as the new Governor General of Papua New Guinea as reported by Radio New Zealand today (Friday 14, January 2011).

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Picture: Mr Michael Ogio)

Personally, one wonders if the politicians in that wonderful country were voted into Parliament to serve the people of Papua New Guinea or to serve themselves and their political cohorts. There are many other Papua New Guinean citizens out there who I believe has the decency, respect and integrity deserving of this most important institution. It now appears that the vice regal office is becoming highly politicised and this trend is dangerous for the country.
I do not have any qualms against Mr Ogio performing the role of the Governor General but the fact remains that his character has been questionable by the media and many other commentators during his tenure as Deputy Prime Minister and particularly as Forest Minister. One wonders how Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will feel if a person of questionable character is representing her in Papua New Guinea. It may not go down well with Buckingham Palace although Mr Ogio has been duly elected by the Papua New Guinea Parliament.