Thursday, December 27, 2007

Papua New Guinea's Help Save Climate Change Talks In Bali,Indonesia

The stand by Papua New Guinea against the United States of America at the Bali Climate Change Conference this year is something worth mentioning here as the year 2007 draws to its close.

Many people in the USA probably may have never heard of Papua New Guinea. But the point here is that, it is about time smaller countries like Papua New Guinea take a firmer stand against bigger and powerful countries like the USA and not be complacent about many of their unfair policies toward them, be it in trade agreements or in global environmental issues.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Liverpool Wantok: A Papua New Guinean in Liverpool Blog Site

Welcome to my blog site "Liverpool Wantok". I have lived in Liverpool for over ten years and have seen quite a lot of changes within the city as it prepares itself for next year 2008. The year 2008 is special to Liverpool because Liverpool City will officially become the "European Capital City of Culture". The City in its preparation, has launched their own website

Whilst there has been quite significant infrastructural changes within the inner city of Liverpool, I am hoping like many other residents of this great city for these changes to become a catalyst for economic regeneration and many more job opportunities for the local population.

My only problem is the flow of traffic into and out of the city that seems to be increasing throughout this year with on going road works. Lets hope for a much improved situation next year!

By the way, if any "Wantok" from Papua New Guinea is passing by Liverpool, you can contact me through my websites or and drop me an email using one of those email addresses. JBN.