Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year 2010

So year 2009 has just been..another year, now gone into the history books. This new year brings fresh hope and aspiration to many the world over including myself. For me this new year will no doubt bring its own share of challenges but I know for sure that better days are ahead. In the UK we will be having the general elections this year which hopefully a new Government will be in place before the autumn start of the academic year. In Papua New Guinea, the Somare Government will also be doing its best to stay in power,while the country is suffering from economic hardship and high unemployment. Well, we just have to wait and see...right now its the weather that has been dominating the news in the UK. Yes, the UK has been hit by a cold snap from the arctic and from the european continent causing disruptions to travel with many schools and business houses closed this week. So what about this weather? Well, geographically, the UK is temperate in its location and therefore its weather is generally affected and influenced by the movement of five different air masses polar maritime, arctic maritime, polar continental, tropical continental and tropical maritime during the course of the year. Any one of those five air masses can become dominant or a combination of these air masses can be dominant over the UK at any one time throughout the year. See here. At the moment it is the arctic maritime and the polar continental air masses that are dominating the weather system of the British Isles and is set to continue for another week, if the forecasters are right (which they do sometimes but not all the time!).
In Liverpool, like in most parts of the UK many schools and businesses are closed this week.
Well, happy new year 2010...better days ahead, it will surely get warmer!!