Thursday, December 5, 2013

Be wary of environmental damage, Governor Kas says

MADANG Governor Hon. Jim Kas MP

Source: The National, Wednesday December 4th, 2013 
MADANG Governor Jim Kas is concerned about the damage to the environment on the Ramu River.
He has called on the Ramu nickel project developer to be mindful of the damage being done and how it was affecting villagers living along the Ramu River.
Kas said although he admired the Chinese developer MCC for their perseverance and “still being around” despite the falling nickel prices on the international stock market, it needed to consider the Ramu River people with regards to the increased sedimentation.
While he admitted that he had no scientific data to support his argument, he believed the sedimentation was caused upstream.
He suggested that the Government should have the Marengo Mine come under the new Mining Act and not the 1992 Mining Act.
In addition, he said the Kurumbukari (KBK) should be covered under the old Mining Act.

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